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Al Muhaidib Group has created an environment that is at once welcoming and inclusive, with traditional family business features to the fore, yet which is also hi-tech and professional, utilizing rigorous corporate governance and advanced international operating systems.

Corporate values have created an encouraging workplace experience. Offices are modern and well equipped, representing the Group’s ambitionforan aesthetically pleasing built environment conducive to the attainment of goals. The atmosphere within Group offices is pleasing, while efficientand oriented to performance. Employees are encouraged to share knowledge and expertise, and to use this to nurture the talent of others in the building of teams. At the same time, Group policies operate with full regard to individual aspirations, and set the recognition of effort and achievement as a high priority.

Accessibility and communication are key features of this approach, harnessing traditional Saudi values inherited over a half a century from the founders of the business. A strong respect for these same cultural norms guides the Group, its management and employees in the pursuit of excellence as we encounter the exacting challenges of tomorrow.

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